Thinking about expanding your high-ticket drop shipping business with Amazon Kindle publishing? In this podcast, I interview a long-time self-publishing entrepreneur who currently has 12 books published. He walks through all the ins and outs of this passive business model. 

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Hi there! I’m Trevor. I’m a location independent entrepreneur. I quit my 9-5 job in 2013 to pursue a life of adventure and freedom. I have been traveling the world since 2015. I’ve traveled to some of the most amazing places on earth, met some of the most awesome people, and had some of the most incredible experiences of my life abroad. A little about me. I’m a passionate skateboarder and cyclist. I like to hike and go camping. I’m an amateur photographer. I am also a beer lover, a coffee addict, and a tech geek. I also have the best travel companion I could ever wish for, my beautiful wife. What’s in it for you? I’ve been building businesses online since 2010 and I have created this course to help you learn how you can start your own drop shipping business, quit your 9-5 job, work from home, travel the world, and live the life of your dreams with all the time and freedom in the world to do whatever you want to do every day. My mission is To help you build a profitable e-commerce business and travel the world. I want to give you the means necessary to pursue your dream of owning a location independent business and traveling to the most beautiful places in the world.

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The eCommerce Paradise Academy Coaching Program was created to give you, the entrepreneur the perfect online resource for building, launching, and growing your own profitable high-ticket drop shipping store on Shopify. If you've ever dreamed of living a location independent lifestyle, working from home or coffee shops, and traveling the world all the time, then this is the course for you. How is this course different from the others? All the other courses on high-ticket drop shipping that are available out there are all topical overview courses that talk about what to do but don't show you any real-world examples of how to actually go about doing it. I have taken many of the courses out there and was sadly disappointed to find out that I would need to get into a mastermind group and dig through forums to learn how people are actually doing it. Instead of just making another slideshow course, I decided to make something way better, a case study course. This means I actually do real-world research, build a real high-ticket drop shipping store, and document the entire process. The videos can last very long sometimes because I record the entire process I go through, including some of the difficulties that are involved in being creative and coming up with ideas for making your store unique and stand-out in the marketplace. Why You Need To Get Started Today The eCommerce world is becoming more and more competitive every day. With courses like this available, entrepreneurs from all over the world can start and launch profitable drop ship stores faster and easier than ever. You need to get started now so that you can gain a foothold in this lucrative online industry before there is too much competition. This is a limited time course. I'm only accepting 50 students, and then it will close forever. I'll be using the course to have my virtual assistants grow eCommerce sites for me, so get in now while you still can. There are about 20 spots left as of today. Don't wait! If you really want to change your life, make your decision now. Don't hesitate and come back to me later upset that I closed the course. Want To Know What's Inside? I open the doors to show potential students everything that's in my course. Just scroll down to see all the course contents you will get and the length of each video. There are hours and hours of step-by-step tutorials to follow to create a super-profitable eCommerce business.

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In today’s episode, I talk about what it takes to make your first sale on your ecommerce site within days of launching and scaling to six figures in sales within a few months. I also have some big news about the masterclass, so tune in and get motivated to commit and take action to change your life for the better.


In today’s episode, I talk about a huge change we made in our plans for the rest of the year. I decided it was important to focus on business and life instead of constant travel. We found an amazing apartment in Bangkok and are really happy here. The point of this episode was to inspire and motivate you to build and grow your ecommerce business so that you can decide to live anywhere in the world at anytime. I call this lifestyle independence.


The term "passive income" refers to money made where you aren't actively involved in the sales process when it happens. There are some great ways to set this up within your eCommerce business or separate from it. In this episode, I discuss some great ways of building a passive income cash flow portfolio for long-term consistent recurring income that can feel as safe as getting a salary.

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Do you own a six-figure ecommerce business and are thinking about selling it? Or, maybe you want to start a six-figure ecommerce business and want to know the secrets to starting one so it's built to sell. In this episode, I discuss the things I think every drop ship business owner should do in order to make their business a viable asset for an investor.

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If you're considering moving abroad and becoming a digital nomad, you may have thought of Bali as an ideal location. I wouldn't blame you. The cost of living here is very low, there are tropical beaches and rainforests making this a paradise on earth. There are islands with scuba and snorkeling and surfing available at your fingertips. The only downside of living in paradise is distractions. There is so much to see and do. There are a lot of bars, massage parlors, amazing restaurants, skate parks, coworking spaces, cafes, and not to mention all the beaches, rice terraces, and hidden spots all around this magical island. With so much to see and do, it can be difficult to nail down a work schedule and get your projects hammered out. 

In this episode, I discuss our month in Bali and all the lessons I learned about productivity and dealing with distractions, but also maintaining a good work-life balance with travel and adventure. I also talk about maintaining a healthy diet and staying sober as you travel so you can stay productive.

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There are some things you need before you go about starting a high-ticket drop shipping business, or any business for that matter. Here is my list of the Top 10 Prerequisites For Starting A High Ticket Drop Shipping Business:

  1. A steady income
  2. A good attitude
  3. An ah-ha moment
  4. Source of credit or capital
  5. A mentor and a roadmap
  6. Fearlessness
  7. An open mind
  8. An understanding that failing does not mean you’re a failure, get up and try again
  9. Consistency
  10. Ability to focus on one path to success

Lastly, you need a passion for business and entrepreneurship. You need to have a passion for marketing and solving problems. You need to have a passion for making money.

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There are so many reasons why you should start an online store vs. a brick and mortar store. In this podcast, I talk about our experiences with starting a bike shop in 2014, the obstacles we ran into, the costs, the time involved, and why I would never suggest to anyone that they do a physical store if they want to travel and live the digital nomad lifestyle.

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June 4, 2018

Your One Big Thing


The one big thing is a concept Russel Brunson talks about in his book Expert Secrets. He talks about when Tim Ferris did a talk about a concept he called "the one big thing." In this episode, I talk about how to determine what your one big thing is in your products, your business, and your personal life.

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