There are three main ways I like to re-invest profits into my eCom biz:

1. Product descriptions, q&a, and reviews. I recommend using Fiverr.

2. Blog posts. I recommend using Fiverr.

3. Customer service & sales virtual assistants. I recommend using Online Jobs.

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It’s important to see yourself as an architect and general contractor of your ecommerce business, not just as an entrepreneur. You should be the master planner and the one who hires specialists to get the important work done so you can focus on growing your business and living your life so you don’t have to work constantly to survive. The laptop lifestyle isn’t much of a lifestyle if you can’t put the laptop down for a while to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Sign up for my course to learn how to outsource your business growth at https://ecommerceparadise.com


I’ve been doing ecommerce for about a decade now, starting with selling on eBay in 2008, and moving to Wordpress and woo commerce in 2012, then to Shopify in 2015. I’ve learned a lot in the process and I’ve assembled some secret weapons to my success that I share in this podcast.

My top 10 secret weapons in my eCom biz

1. Wife 2. Virtual assistants 3. Managed ecommerce platform 4. Google AdWords 5. Email marketing 6. Facebook ads 7. Influencers 8. Self-education 9. Work ethic 10. Passion for creating things


There is a lot to be said about each of these eCommerce platforms. While Amazon and eBay drive traffic and make sales for you, you don't get to build your own brand. Shopify allows you to create a comparable website to Amazon and eBay but doesn't take a huge fee and you can keep all your customer's data and build an email list, plus build a brand.

I recommend starting with Shopify, then choosing to scale by selling on multiple marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or even Houzz.

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Amazon.com is a behemoth in the eCommerce game. They sell a wide range of products and services, physical and digital products, and membership programs. In this video, I dissect some of the techniques they use to close more sales online than any other eCommerce website. Want to learn how to do this in your own eCommerce store? Sign up for my courses and coaching program: https://academy.ecommerceparadise.com/


Discipline yourself in all areas of your life to see the biggest results from your eCommerce business in the long run. Sign up for my high-ticket drop shipping masterclass and coaching program for an actionable step-by-step course to follow and one-on-one coaching to accelerate your progress.

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Music is well known to have healing traits. As an eCommerce entrepreneur, you have little moments of stress all day long especially when it comes to making micro-decisions, so you need some source of healing energy to help you stay consistent, determined, and fearless in the face of decision-making and growth.

In this episode, I talk about the types of music I love to listen to while I work and why. I also discuss how listening to podcasts about business and marketing, entrepreneurship and eCommerce while you do motor functions like driving a car, walking, and bicycling, can also be great for your long-term personal development.

What kind of music do you listen to? Comment below.

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You won't ever grow inside your comfort zone. You're going to have to get outside of your comfort zone in order to see personal growth in your life. The best way to get out of your comfort zone is exercise and adventure. Another great way to get out of your comfort zone is to discipline yourself with healthy eating habits and fitness habits as well as work habits and financial habits.

I challenge you to do the best thing you can possibly do to grow and create content every day for 90 days. This is the best way to grow as a person. You can create content for your business or you can create content for a personal blog or a niche blog, but just create content. You can create videos just talking about your life if you want to get started but just start. Eliminate distractions and just get it done. I do this every day before the day starts so I can find it easier to do the important things that are outside my comfort zone that will help me grow my business like calling suppliers for accounts. 

Set yourself some daily to-do's that are related to work, health, fitness, socializing, travel, etc. and just do it.

If you want to make a big change in your life, sign up for my eCommerce Paradise Academy Coaching Program: https://academy.ecommerceparadise.com




It’s amazing what happened with Wayfair.com. They started off in the early 2000’s by building one niche online store selling bar stools and ended up in the mid-2000’s with 200+ niche online stores and over $100 million in annual revenue, that’s $500k in revenue per site on average. In the late 2000’s they started CSNStores.com to bring them all into one, and a few years later they re-branded to Wayfair.com and shut down all their niche online stores. Since then they’ve been struggling to stay profitable due to high corporate overhead costs and R&D costs. Even with the insane growth of 50% in Q4 2017 to more than $4 BILLION in sales, they still LOST almost a quarter million dollars in the same time period.

What gives?

In this video and podcast, I go over all the reasons I believe why they are not profitable right now and what they can do to solve their problems. I go over other business models like information products, software, services, marketplaces, subscription and membership programs that businesses like Amazon.com have used to maintain profitability even through insane amounts of growth. I didn’t even mention real estate investing in this episode which is another method of creating assets and income within a business. The bottom line is you need to determine for yourself what you are willing to learn and take action on so you can re-invest your earnings smartly to grow in the right direction without wasting your money and time.

In my Academy, I teach how to start a niche high-ticket drop shipping online store like the guys at Wayfair.com did in the early 2000’s over 200 times. I also teach how to incorporate other business models into your main business either within your store or separately to help you maintain growth quarter over quarter but without struggling.

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This is a long one! Almost an hour long. In it, I tell my story about starting out as an entrepreneur, my epiphany moment, and all the steps I took to become successful including finding a mentor and eventually selling my first drop ship store, then selling all my stuff to become a digital nomad.

If you're looking for a mentor, I have a few openings left in my high-ticket drop shipping coaching program. You can sign up here: https://academy.ecommerceparadise.com

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