This is a guest podcast about email marketing for e-commerce with Jon Warren of EasyEcommerceWins.com

Jon is the VP Marketing & Digital Strategy at Easy Ecommerce Wins. Jon started his ecommerce journey as a way to escape the 9 to 5 grind and never looked back. Bitten by the e-com bug Jon has sold everything from home lighting to streetwear online and even grown his own ecommerce marketing agency. Jon is passionate about helping ecommerce business owners find the freedom that he enjoys.

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Email marketing for e-commerce:


E-commerce sales funnels:

Understanding your target market:


In this episode, I talk about what I learned listening to Neil Patel's talk at the AWA 2017 conference in Bangkok, Thailand.


Are you prepared to make some big changes in your life? Becoming an ecommerce professional is no small feat. In this episode, I discuss all the lifestyle changes and sacrifices you’ll need to make to reach financial independence.


Are you wondering if you can make a living with eCommerce? 


Ecommerce is a multi-trillion dollar per year industry (credit: https://www.emarketer.com/Article/Worldwide-Retail-Ecommerce-Sales-Will-Reach-1915-Trillion-This-Year/1014369)


The one thing the big sites like Amazon and Walmart will never have is expertise in one product line


The best place to buy expensive products is a niche-specific site because you are dealing with experts


Anybody who has a computer, an internet connection, and a credit card can start a niche site


Building a site is the hard part and can take a long time to optimize for conversions, but driving targeted buyer traffic is pretty easy with paid ads


If you’re on the sidelines thinking about getting started, don’t wait.


Have you ever thought about what your life would be like if you would have been doing what you know about now 5-10 years ago? In this episode, I talk about the 7 things I wish I would have been doing when I first started with ecommerce 7 years ago.


It was incredible to get to have Ecommerce giant Earnest Epps on the podcast! Earnest is the man behind Built To Sell and the Clarity with Commerce live events.

In the interview we discuss what lead him to where he is now as well as his best tips on conversion optimization, choosing the right products to sell online, and the secrets to getting drop ship suppliers to give you a dealer account.

Take notes because this episode is full of value bombs!

You can find Earnest here: Http://www.earnestepps.com Https://www.builttosell.us Https://www.claritywithcommerce.com


The first day of the Affiliate World Asia 2017 conference was incredible. I got so much value from the speakers and got to meet up with my mentor and friend Earnest Epps. In this podcast, I talk about what my key takeaways were.

You can learn more about Earnest here: www.EarnestEpps.com 


The biggest asset you can build is your brand. This means your businesses character. In this video, I discuss ways to build a brand that stands out from the pack.


It's super important to separate your personal finances from your business finances so you can do your bookkeeping and accounting with ease. There are some legal ramifications if you don't, especially if you have an LLC.


It's important to understand the foundations of a successful ecommerce business. They aren't just products and traffic. If you really want to build a sustainable long-term business, you need to focus on content marketing, email marketing, and paid traffic as an entire sales funnel.

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