Best of 2019: 9 Secrets To Profitable High-Ticket Drop Shipping

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9 Secrets To Building A Profitable High-Ticket Dropshipping Business: 

  1. mindset 

    1. be the leader in your business
    2. be your supplier and customer’s best friend
    3. do work when you’re in your peak state and take a break when you’re tired
    4. know yourself and take care of yourself
    5. business and entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a race
    6. create clear goals and make plans to achieve them, break those plans down into micro-steps, and take action every day to accomplish your micro-steps to success
  2. niche selection
    1. price point
    2. competitors
    3. suppliers
    4. keyword search volume
    5. trends
  3. supplier sourcing
    1. map pricing
    2. best selling products
  4. conversion optimization
    1. trust
    2. social proof
    3. urgency and scarcity
    4. risk reversal
    5. contact points
    6. sales copy
    7. content to push people through the funnel
    8. email marketing automations and follow up
  5. targeted ads
    1. bottom of funnel cold traffic
    2. more cold ads for best sellers
    3. retargeting ads
  6. sales and customer service
    1. answering the phone and closing sales
    2. taking care of customers
    3. asking for reviews
  7. up-selling
    1. calling and emailing to sell more products that current customers want
    2. automated up-selling on product page, cart page, and thank you page as well as in your follow up email sequences
  8. financial literacy
    1. daily bookkeeping
    2. monthly reporting
    3. quarterly reporting and forecasting
    4. yearly reporting and forecasting
    5. saving for taxes
    6. re-investing within your budget
  9. video marketing
    1. create slideshow videos for your best selling product sales pages
    2. create slideshow videos for your buying guide blog posts
    3. create review videos of the products you sell by buying them or going to your suppliers warehouse showroom and filming yourself unboxing and assembling or installing it and then using it
    4. create viral content by interviewing people at industry events

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