EP 150: How Long Will High-Ticket Drop Shipping Last?

High-Ticket Drop Shipping has been happening since the start of the internet, even before the internet!

eCommerce is now a trillion dollar a year industry and is only going to grow as technology improves.

Even as the economy goes through ups and downs, there will always be rich people who can afford expensive things and usually in bear markets, the rich get richer so there will always be a market for high-ticket products.

Platforms for selling and marketing products are becoming less expensive and easier to use, making the opportunity to enter a new market with a drop shipping eCommerce store easier than ever before.

There will always be competition and it’s actually a good thing, don’t enter a market without competition.

High-ticket drop shipping isn’t going anywhere and if you are qualified for this business model then now is the time to get in while there are tons of profitable niches still available and not too over saturated.

If you are just getting started, you need to learn what products are profitable and how to do market research so get my free niches list and market research guide and then sign up for my free mini-course: https://ecommerceparadise.com/99niches

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