EP 205: Can I Do High Ticket Drop Shipping AND Affiliate Marketing or Print On Demand In The Same Store?

Can I Do High Ticket Drop Shipping AND Affiliate Marketing or Print On Demand In The Same Store?

After 10+ years of eCommerce experience, I've learned what works and what doesn't work. Not only should you focus on one niche in your store, but you should only focus on one business model.

Stop trying to optimize your store or scale your business by doing new things, focus on doing more of what's already working...

What works:
- getting more suppliers
- adding more products
- optimizing product sales pages
- running google shopping ads
- creating organic content around the products and suppliers you carry
- sending email broadcasts every day for sales promotions and content you create
- selling more products to the customers you already have
- getting customers to refer their friends and colleagues to your store through a referral program
- getting influencers to promote your store to their social media channels or email lists through an affiliate program

What doesn't work:
- promoting affiliate offers in your dropship store
- trying to sell cheap products (like with Aliexpress dropshipping) and selling print on demand merchandise next to expensive products
- selling too many categories of products in one store


If you really want to have a successful, profitable high-ticket drop shipping online store, you need to focus on what works and not get distracted by shiny objects.

If you want to be location independent and travel the world while running your store, you really need to focus on the core aspects of your business because you certainly don't want to be working on your laptop all day long, you want to be enjoying your life and your travels right?

This means you need to follow a proven blueprint for success.

High-Ticket Drop Shipping can be your vehicle to a location independent lifestyle and my High-Ticket Drop Shipping Masterclass is the ONLY way you can get there fast!

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