EP 228: How To Drop Ship Profitably

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There are many factors to consider to drop ship profitably. First and foremost is your niche selection, then you need to know which suppliers are the best to work with. You'll need to make a website that's optimized for conversions. You will also need to know how to recruit suppliers and get the most lucrative drop-ship contracts. Then you'll need to learn how to do email marketing and paid ads to drive traffic to your store while you optimize it for search engines and get backlinks for free traffic. You will then need to learn how to run your dropship business and automate it using systems, then outsource it to virtual assistants. If this sounds like a lot, well starting and running any long-term profitable business takes a lot of work. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It can take months to start-up and at least a few thousand dollars but after that initial investment of time and money, you have the potential to make between $5k-$10k per month in semi-passive income depending on your niche, suppliers, and marketing methods.

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