EP 232: I tried so many different business models before I decided to stick with high-ticket drop shipping


The Labor Day launch was incredible and we got a ton of new students in the masterclass.

To those of you who joined, congrats!!!

I can't wait to help fast-track your success with high-ticket drop shipping.

If you didn't join this time around, you can still get in here: https://ecommerceparadise.com/masterclass 

The best thing about high-ticket drop shipping is that you can launch your store in less than 30 days, put your products at the top of Google for super cheap, and you get to keep your profits up-front instead of waiting 30-60 days to get commissions paid out like so many other business opportunities out there.

Believe me, I know...

I tried so many different business models before I decided to stick with high-ticket drop shipping and in today's Youtube/Podcast episode that's exactly what I talk about...


Thank you so much for watching!

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