EP 256: Black Friday Cyber Monday Optimizations You Can Make Right Now To Get More Sales This Holiday Season

Hey guys, Trevor here with eCommerce Paradise.

I'm super excited to tell you all about my Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

In order to get access to those, you can click the link below at any time and all you need to do is sign up for my black Friday cyber Monday early bird list.

Once you get access to that, you'll get access to all the offers and you can get in and ask some awesome offers.

So get in there today.

Now, I'm going to talk to you about how to optimize your eCommerce store for black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We're kind of down to the last minute here, but these optimizations can still be done.

They only take a little bit of time and they're going to help you increase conversions.

So number one, raise bids on your Google shopping ads.

It's awesome if you can be more competitive in the ads because it's going to put your ad right in the front when somebody's searching.

Those long-tail keywords give you the best chance of getting sales...

To compete a little bit more...

Raise your bids, maybe 10% to 20% every single day, get to the top spot and you'll get that traffic.

Now once you get that traffic, it's really important that you send out emails to your list.

Hopefully your bliss building right now, and if you're list building then you should definitely be emailing your lists like crazy.

Use a launch strategy when you're emailing your list, so build them up to launch.

The black Friday is a launch and the whole weekend is the continuation of that launch and it ends on cyber Monday at midnight, right?

So this whole week you should be building them up for that launch, getting them excited about it, providing them free content as well.

And then during the launch, it should be reminding them like crazy about the sales you have going on.

Get them out of the email inbox to your website and get them buying on your website.

The next tip is to increase the conversion optimization mechanisms on your website like crazy.

Make sure there are countdown timers expiring coupon codes.

Make sure that on the cart page you have a countdown timer as well as separate one that says that you're only going to hold that cart for a limited time.

Make sure you have your copy set up just right on your page.

Talk about black Friday.

You could even put black Friday banners in there.

You can do all sorts of stuff specifically for black Friday.

It's really important to do this because the more your website talks to the consumer in a timely manner, the more that your marketing messages will match up between your advertising and your website and that's more likely that they'll actually buy from you then.

Make sure that on your in your remarketing campaigns in like Facebook for instance, that you mentioned black Friday.

So go on your remarketing campaigns, change the copy a little bit, mentioned black Friday right now it's really important that you do that and you'll get more sales that way.

Then be willing to answer the phones right back emails right away.

Get live chat going on your website because it's more likely people are always going to buy if you're answering the phone, closing sales and getting on live chat. 

If somebody needs a price match or something like that, don't think twice, just get the sale.

Guys, it's really important.

Make sure you're profitable, obviously, but let's get those sales.

My target is three to $5,000 per day throughout black Friday.

Hopefully up to $10,000 per day or more.

Hopefully, you have a similar target for your store as well.

Make sure you write these targets down and you analyze them every single day.

Look at your return on ad spend.

Look at the full traffic that you're getting and the different traffic avenues that you're getting and try to increase those in any way you can through content marketing.

Content is King with e-commerce, so the more content you create on your website, the better you can make a separate blog post for black Friday on your eCommerce store.

If you have a YouTube channel for your eCommerce store, you can do a YouTube video about your black Friday deals as well.

If you have other social media channels, you can make videos for those channels also.

And if you have you have a community on a forum or something like that for your eCommerce store, then you can interact with your forum members there as well.

So there are lots of great ways to increase your sales this Black Friday holiday season.

Let's get the sales guys.

You can set up email campaigns to go all throughout December to talk to them about getting gifts for their family and friends and having it be like the last chance that they can get it before the holiday season arrives for Christmas arrives.

And make sure that you're setting up those automated email campaigns now so you don't have to worry about doing it last second later.

All right, I hope you enjoyed this video.

Definitely click the link to get on my black Friday cyber Monday early bird list.

And you'll get access to very exclusive offers that are only going out to that list.

And once you get in there, you'll be able to take advantage.

I am going to be refilming and doing a bunch of new content on my course come the new year and the price is going to go up.

So take advantage of this black Friday cyber Monday deal.

Now click the link below, sign up and I'll see you on the inside.

Take care.

Trevor at eCommerce Paradise


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