August 9, 2018

EP 119: How To Travel The World For Free with Trevor of

I'm so glad I got to sit down with Trevor of and talk travel and credit card rewards. We've been through some amazing adventures thanks to his guidance with picking the best credit cards for travel rewards.

Shot notes:

1. how did you get started with credit card reward program hacking?
2. how were you able to average $30 per flight to 115+ countries? Is there a special way you go about booking reward travel or any tips you can offer for using reward program booking systems?
3. how are you able to keep applying for cards and maintain an excellent credit score?
4. how do you help people with your mile method service? what services do you provide?
5. what does someone need to apply for your service? where can they apply?

how do the banks make money?

how to book reward travel?
- which mile to use to which destination
- type DESTINATION airport wiki into google
- has list of airlines and destinations
- piece together itineraries
- region to region
- similar miles from region to region
- different airline alliances
- united = star alliance
- know partners so you can piece together itineraries

favorite trip you’ve taken so far?

whats it like to get visas?

why doesnt europe have signup bonuses like we have in the usa?
- canada and uk a bit

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