Best of 2019: My Interview with Coran Woodmass about Buying and Selling Amazon FBA eCommerce Businesses

In 2013, Coran started out as an investor buying and selling online businesses. After exiting an ecommerce business he built from scratch, he launched an FBA business, which he planned to build up to sell. Then in mid-2015, Coran got started as a broker and since then he's spoken to 100s of buyers and sellers and has been involved in numerous transactions as a broker and consulting on deals. After noticing a trend towards more Amazon FBA businesses being ready to sell and more buyers looking for FBA businesses to buy, Coran launched The FBA Broker in mid-2016. In 2017, helped Amazon FBA owners sell 174 FBA businesses worth $329 million dollars.

If you own an Amazon FBA business and want to get a valuation for it, consider first listening to this entire podcast to get the best tips on how to prepare your business for sale, as well as reading this blog post:, then you can get a valuation at their website here: For more information, visit

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