September 5, 2018

EP 133: Is High-Ticket Drop Shipping Legal?

Hey, guys. Trevor here with eCommerce Paradise and today's live video is going to be all about is high-ticket drop shipping legal. Now this is a question a lot of people ask, so I thought I'd approach it with a six step guide to understanding the legalities behind high-ticket drop shipping. First of all, a little bit of housekeeping. If this is your first time watching this channel, I definitely recommend that you subscribe. Hit that subscribe button below, so you'll be notified for all of our content that's released. Hit the bell icon if you want to get notifications on your smartphone and your email. 

Also if you guys would please leave a comment below and let me know what your thoughts are on this video, that would be greatly appreciated. Any of your needs, any of your obstacles you are having to get started with high-ticket drop shipping, I can help. Leave a comment below and let me know and hit that like button. With that, let's get into the video. My first point to make about is high-ticket drop shipping is that drop shipping is simply a fulfillment method, right? It's a fulfillment method where you have your suppliers, ship the product directly to your customer. It's really simple and easy. Okay? 


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