August 4, 2018

EP 115: John’s $30,000 Per Month High Ticket Drop Shipping Success Story

In this video, I sit down with John to interview him about his entrepreneurship journey into high ticket drop shipping.

Tune in to hear the answers to these questions I asked John in the podcast:
1. whats your story and how did you get into high ticket drop shipping?
2. how long did it take you to find your niche and why did you decide to go with it?
3. how long did it take you to start your store and how much did it cost?
4. which ecommerce platform do you use?
5. what were some of the things you did to optimize your store? which theme do you use?
6. what is the #1 shopify app you recommend?
7. what have been your results?
8. how has working from home changed your life?
9. what is a parting piece of guidance you have for people just starting out?
10. how did you setup your business overseas?

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