August 5, 2018

EP 116: Law of Attraction Success Story with Kal Izad

Are you trying to achieve the next big thing in your life and having trouble doing it? Listen to this Law of Attraction Success Story with Izad about how he was able to use certain techniques like NLP and neuroplasticity to achieve his dream life.

In this episode, we discuss the following topics:
1. What’s your story and how did you get into teaching the law of attraction in Malaysia?
1. NLP
2. “I am in the process”
2. Explain the law of attraction.
3. how do you deal with negativity
1. ask questions “what do i want?”
2. clarity through contrast
4. How do you help people find their path and manifest the life of their dreams?
5. What are the steps someone needs to take to achieve success with the law of attraction?
1. neuroplasticity
6. Where can people find you?

You can learn more about Izad's law of attraction coaching at

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