June 20, 2018

EP 101: Our Month In Bali, Indonesia and Lessons on Productivity while Traveling Abroad

If you're considering moving abroad and becoming a digital nomad, you may have thought of Bali as an ideal location. I wouldn't blame you. The cost of living here is very low, there are tropical beaches and rainforests making this a paradise on earth. There are islands with scuba and snorkeling and surfing available at your fingertips. The only downside of living in paradise is distractions. There is so much to see and do. There are a lot of bars, massage parlors, amazing restaurants, skate parks, coworking spaces, cafes, and not to mention all the beaches, rice terraces, and hidden spots all around this magical island. With so much to see and do, it can be difficult to nail down a work schedule and get your projects hammered out. 

In this episode, I discuss our month in Bali and all the lessons I learned about productivity and dealing with distractions, but also maintaining a good work-life balance with travel and adventure. I also talk about maintaining a healthy diet and staying sober as you travel so you can stay productive.

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