EP 164: Top 17 Canned Responses for High Ticket Drop Shipping

Canned responses in Gmail is one of the foundations to great customer service. You want to make sure you have saved responses to all common questions or issues. It’s super simple and easy to use canned responses. Turn on your canned responses by going to the advanced settings in your gmail settings. Having these templates in place will reduce your stress level. They will save you time and most importantly creative energy. Having to type out emails over and over can be very tiring. You should create a template for every customer service issues in your business. You should also create canned responses for supplier communication. When you hire an employee or a virtual assistance it will save them time and energy too. Then they can work on the things that actually grow your business. These templates will create the best experience possible for every one of your customers. You will be able to provide happy and pleasant emails without fail. When your business starts to get really busy you will be very glad you implemented this strategy.


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