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May 31, 2018

About the eCommerce Paradise Academy

We are the only online coaching program that shows you how to actually set up a real eCommerce business online. Most online coaches and mentors breeze over high-level information without ever getting into the nitty-gritty and leave you wondering if you shouldn't have wasted your time. We are different. Our coaching programs give you everything you need to succeed online from in-depth niche reports and market research training to one-on-one conversion rate optimization coaching and on-demand training courses and so much more. 

We provide all the resources you'll need to become a professional eCommerce marketing professional. We want to be your "one-stop-shop" for all things eCommerce and internet marketing. Follow our journey and join the tribe by subscribing to our email list and you'll receive a free gift in return.

The Founder's Story

Trevor didn't know a thing about internet marketing when he started his first drop ship store back in 2010. While he was in college, he was trying to figure out what he would be good at in life and which career path to choose when he stumbled upon business and marketing. Between skateboarding, work, and spending time with his girlfriend, Trevor was finally happy to have found a path in life that felt right.

It all started when his friend started a skateboard brand called Epiphany skateboards (it's still around!). Trevor got inspired to start his own brand called Beatnik boards (a name given to him by a friend) because of his vision of old-school cruiser skateboards coming back into popularity and the rebel vibe.

His first venture never became profitable and it wasn't until he found a different niche and learned about the drop shipping fulfillment method did he finally start to figure out how to start and scale a location independent eCommerce business.

After selling his first store in 2015 for mid-five-figures, he was able to take his first mini-retirement. Trevor and his wife traveled the country in their car, camping and enjoying the beautiful national parks along the way. In August of 2015, they decided to get married and were wed on the beach in Malibu, California on a beautiful Sunday.

During the next 6 months, Trevor tried starting a new eCommerce business in a different niche but didn't know how to create an optimized website or send targeted traffic, so he struggled. It wasn't until mid-2016 when he found an online coaching program and community of drop shipping entrepreneurs that taught what he needed to know did he find success again. 

The law of attraction works in mysterious ways. That same month, the entrepreneur who bought the site from and signed a non-compete agreement with, re-sold the site, opening up his old niche again. He got back into it immediately because the industry had evolved and new brands had started since 2015, making an online store able to become more profitable faster.

New beginnings

In 2016, Trevor decided to become a digital nomad. He and his wife sold all their stuff and bought one-way tickets to Thailand. He has since been traveling the world, enjoying the benefits of his eCommerce businesses and travel hacking results. 

This all might seem like Trevor got lucky, but the truth is he worked as hard as he could to get here and continues to work diligently to help others achieve success too.

Humble Roots

Trevor was born and raised in Seattle, Washington where he learned how to use computers to do research, play games, and create reports at a young age. His use of computers evolved throughout his schooling to create multimedia in high school and eventually websites in college.

His biggest accomplishment in his college years was landing a lucrative position at a security products wholesale warehouse in Los Angeles, California. He modeled the success of his managers and the executives of the firm to create his own niche in their sales team. By changing his beliefs in how the supply chain works, he learned how to source hard-to-find products from online suppliers and drop ship them directly to my customers. This often resulted in a higher profit than if they were to have bought at wholesale and sold at retail. 

He advanced within the sales team quickly by keeping a customer relationship management spreadsheet that helped him follow up with his clients quickly and professionally which eventually led to him becoming the number one salesman for his branch within only a few years.

He often worked with just-in-time fulfillment to supply his clients with the products they needed in as quick a time as possible while saving the firm the cost of upfront inventory purchasing, including the costs and the risk of holding the merchandise before selling it. As a result, he learned how to do drop shipping before he even considered starting his own online business.

By 2010, he was ready to become an entrepreneur. He took what he learned at the firm and, with the help of a partner, built an online business using the drop shipping fulfillment model. He made connections directly with manufacturers based in Los Angeles and established agreements that allowed him to sell the products online and have them shipped the products directly to his customers, otherwise known as drop shipping.

He continues to build online businesses in various niches. In 2018, he created a system for his team to follow to effectively scale his eCommerce businesses. He created a blueprint to follow so he could help others achieve the same success no matter which step of the process they're in. This has since become a movement of eCommerce entrepreneurs from all over the world starting and growing their own online businesses. 

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