High-Ticket Drop Shipping has been happening since the start of the internet, even before the internet!

eCommerce is now a trillion dollar a year industry and is only going to grow as technology improves.

Even as the economy goes through ups and downs, there will always be rich people who can afford expensive things and usually in bear markets, the rich get richer so there will always be a market for high-ticket products.

Platforms for selling and marketing products are becoming less expensive and easier to use, making the opportunity to enter a new market with a drop shipping eCommerce store easier than ever before.

There will always be competition and it’s actually a good thing, don’t enter a market without competition.

High-ticket drop shipping isn’t going anywhere and if you are qualified for this business model then now is the time to get in while there are tons of profitable niches still available and not too over saturated.

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Do you want to get rich? I think most people would answer yes to that question. Although it isn't as easy as it sounds, it's certainly possible with high-ticket drop shipping if you're willing to commit and work towards your goals every day. 

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There's a lot that goes into creating profitable high-ticket drop shipping stores, especially ones that do almost $20,000 in sales their first month. I go into a lot of these strategies in today's episode as well as some updates and resources. 

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Most important Niche selection guidelines discussed in the episode.

eCommerce paradise high-ticket drop shipping niche research software coming soon! (next few months)

About sales tax for ecommerce drop shippers:

Hey folks, a big update about sales tax here. We just got charged sales tax on a couple of orders by our supplier because they have a nexus in the state they were shipping to. The reason why vendors have to charge us sales tax on orders is that we haven't submitted them a seller's permit in that state, but the key is we don't have to. They can simply charge us sales tax on the wholesale cost of the item and report it to the state themselves, and we have the choice whether to charge it on the retail price of the item or eat the cost. They key here is competitor research. You need to go to your competitor's site, shop as if you are your customer, and see if they charge sales tax in that state. If they don't, then you'll probably need to eat the sales tax for now to compete, but if they do, then you certainly can charge it if you want to try. However, you might gain a competitive edge by still eating the cost. Determine your gross/net profits on the supplier's items in question first, then you can determine whether you can afford to eat the cost of sales tax. This is going to be an ongoing issue in the future, so better to prepare a strategy for dealing with it now than wait to deal with it when it happens.

"Two steps forward one step back"


  • suppliers
  • Products
  • Optimization
  • Ads
  • Marketing
  • Emails
  • Sales
  • Customer service

I get really deep in this episode, so be prepared...

Free niches list: https://ecommerceparadise.com/99niches 

Show notes:

  • Did theme install service for student. https://ecommerceparadise.com/themeinstallservice 
  • Coaching call with student. Conversion optimization, scaling, and ads. https://ecommerceparadise.com/coaching 
  • Family matters, Changed travel plans
  • Moral of the story: Stay strong. Don’t let others steal your energy or put you down or make you feel inferior. Don’t ever feel entitled. The world owes you nothing. You must provide value, more value than your competition, or you will fail until you do, and when you finally do, you will succeed. You must believe in yourself. It’s only when you have faith in your ability to succeed and that what it is you want to do is possible, will the doors appear. Use the power of your third eye to visualize what you truly want in life and feel the emotional energy of already having it and enjoying it. Put yourself into that situation and you will attract the situations and people into your life that will lead you to it. Be unique, be creative, don’t let doubters, haters, and sarcastic people get you down even if they’re your own family. Accept people for who they are but demand respect. Give respect and apologize humbly when you do something wrong. Smile as often as possible to let people know you are a true friend and good intentions. Laugh often so you can put yourself into an attitude of gratitude and appreciate what you have in your life. Don’t take anything for granted. It’s there for a reason and you must live every moment in the best way you can. The one big thing I learned taking Shaolin kung fu when I was young that my si-fu taught us was that we always have choices to make. Every moment of the day you are making choices. If you want to create an amazing life, the life of your dreams, start making better more productive healthier choices every moment you can and you will slowly but dramatically change the course of your life. Time is our greatest asset. Time is our greatest resource and yet it is scarce. It’s important to make the most of every moment you have especially as you grow older and take on more responsibility. You have to learn how to transmute your strongest desires into the energy to build great things. Whether it be fear, anger, resentment, sex, excitement, drugs or alcohol, relationships, or sport. You need to learn how to transmute that strong energy into the energy and focus of learning and building your business. Once business building becomes your passion as much as having sex or working out or playing sports or whatever excites you the most, you will succeed.  Say what you’re grateful for right now and then make the best of every moment in your day today.

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Talking points:

  • asked email subscribers what their favorite ecom store was, most people said amazon, some said ebay, others mentioned walmart and a few mentioned stores i haven’t even heard of, i’ll be doing some ecommerce funnel hacking youtube videos coming soon so be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel for those
  • niche hacks course preview
  • masterclass payment plan limited time launch
  • Niches picked for turn key business customers, domain and Shopify store created for one
  • signed up for jordan belfort wolf of wall street straight line sales system course
  • signed up for software secrets
  • Software ideas - niche research tool and domain name generator specifically for high ticket drop shipping, lots more but for now those are what i’ll be starting with.
  • getting more suppliers for our drop ship store, adding more products, getting descriptions written, adding them to listings and optimizing them, getting buyer’s guides written, adding them to collections and optimizing them, getting blog posts written and adding them and optimizing them.
  • signed up for smart marketer project management course
  • tomorrow i have a theme install and a coaching call and will be finishing up my niche research sheet and beginning work on my niche hacks course and high-ticket drop shipping supplier directory, as well as my clients drop ship stores.

Free niches list: https://ecommerceparadise.com/99niches 

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As I look back on this past week, I realize that what it did was build an awesome habit for me, daily podcasting. 

I'm not afraid anymore to get on the mic every day and talk about what I worked on that day. I know what I talk about is super valuable and people find it really cool to be able to listen in to what someone at my level works on every day. 

It's pretty crazy what I get done in a day and even though I try to take notes, often I don't and I wind up getting a bunch of stuff done but not realizing everything I got done.

One of my goals with daily podcasting was to be more grateful for what I get done every day because the attitude of gratitude is where all growth begins. 

So with that said, I'm not going to be doing these daily blog posts anymore, but I'm going to focus on doing daily podcasting and then get the episodes transcribed and edited and published to a new podcast blog on my website. 

I can go through a lot more ideas through talking and it is the best medium for me to create daily content that is super valuable as well.

Free niches list: https://ecommerceparadise.com/99niches 

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This past Saturday, Nov. 24th, 2018, I got two new tattoos at BT Tattoo in Bangkok.

I got a two tigers Sak Yant on my lower back and a lotus flower with ohm symbol on the nape of my neck.

I also learned some important lessons about eCommerce and got some great work done today.

Read the whole story here: https://ecommerceparadise.com/blogs/travel/bangkok-chronicles-ep-5-tattoos-pain-and-hustle 

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I learned some powerful lessons today.

These are things I've learned in the past, but today, they were re-affirmed and cemented.

Read the full article here: https://ecommerceparadise.com/blogs/travel/bangkok-chronicles-ep-4-sales-funnels-and-email-marketing-automation 

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! There are a ton of expats and digital nomads in Thailand that congregate together for Thanksgiving meals on Thanksgiving every year. Today is also the Loy Krathong holiday in Thailand.

Read the whole blog post here: https://ecommerceparadise.com/blogs/travel/bangkok-chronicles-ep-3-thanksgiving-and-sales-funnels 

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